May 2, 2013

'The Lady and the Unicorn'

Widely considered one of the greatest artworks of the European Middle Ages, “The Lady and the Unicorn” tapestries have only once before been lent out of France by the Musée de Cluny in Paris. This summer, the work goes overseas for the first time ...

Tokyo's LGBT community celebrates love with a party

Apr 26, 2013

Tokyo's LGBT community celebrates love with a party

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is already prepping for this year’s Tokyo Rainbow Pride (TRP). The organizers of the event, all of whom are volunteers, want to raise awareness of LGBT issues in Japan and hope to up the ante for the ...

Apr 25, 2013

'Antonio López'

Spanish artist Antonio López is renowned for the tediously slow pace of his creative process, sometimes touching up works 10 years after starting them. Some may be familiar with his unusual artistic method through Victor Erice’s 1992 documentary “The Quince Tree Sun,” which follows ...

'Yoshifumi Nakamura: Come on-a My Hut!'

Apr 18, 2013

"Yoshifumi Nakamura: Come on-a My Hut!"

From ornate, Victorian-style mansions to humble wooden cottages, people’s preferences for where they live differ greatly. This poses the question: What is a house? Architect artist Yoshifumi Nakamura has come to believe the hut is the perfect house. This three-part exhibition shares Nakamura’s passion ...

'Mono no Aware and Japanese Beauty'

Apr 18, 2013

"Mono no Aware and Japanese Beauty"

Traditional Japanese art has long shaped outsider’s perception of Japanese culture. The precise, yet seemingly fluid lines create a feeling of serenity and wisdom that is very reflective of the Japanese culture. From April 17 to June 16, the Suntory Museum of Art will ...

Tokyo to get a blast of green at Flower Dream

Apr 12, 2013

Tokyo to get a blast of green at Flower Dream

In most of the country, flowers are blooming and spring is well under way. Residents in the concrete jungle that is Tokyo, however, may not get to see many blossoms on their commutes. But this weekend they can make up for it in a ...

'Konosuke Matsushita and Japanese Traditional Art Crafts'

Apr 11, 2013

"Konosuke Matsushita and Japanese Traditional Art Crafts"

Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita valued the traditional tea ceremony because he thought it cultivated modesty. Overall, he was passionate about Japanese traditional-art crafts and an avid supporter of their practice. This exhibition will feature 90 works by 65 artists, 60 of which have never ...