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David McNeill is a Tokyo-based writer from Ireland. He writes for several international publications and teaches political science at Sophia University. His new co-authored book is “Strong in the Rain: Surviving Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.”

For David McNeill's latest contributions to The Japan Times, see below:

'The day my mum looked after the Beatles'

| Mar 26, 2013

'The day my mum looked after the Beatles'

In rock mythology, John Lennon was the cynical, acid-tongued Beatle, Paul McCartney was friendly and open, George Harrison was the quiet one and drummer Ringo Starr was the group’s clown, always joking around. Satoko Condon remembers it a bit differently. “Ringo was a bit ...

Shilling for our side over the Senkakus

| Sep 18, 2012

Shilling for our side over the Senkakus

Akihiro Suzuki does not think war will come, but if it does, he believes Japan will prevail. “Of course, in general military terms China is more powerful,” says the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly lawmaker. “But with the weapons and technology we have from America, we ...

'The government could still save lives'

/ Sep 16, 2012

'The government could still save lives'

In the immediate aftermath of last year’s Fukushima triple meltdown, Japan’s government and pronuclear experts scrambled to dampen public concern. Experts waved away fears about radiation, cabinet ministers scoffed at comparisons to Chernobyl, and the word “meltdown” itself was effectively scoured from the media. ...