Daniel Krieger

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The women who get go

May 15, 2012

The women who get go

On a chilly Sunday afternoon in January in downtown Osaka, a group of young Japanese women in kimono were drinking green tea and eating chocolate cake while excitedly chattering away. The topic was their respective rankings in the ancient Asian mind sport of go. ...

The busy lives of Japan's super furry creatures

Mar 3, 2011

The busy lives of Japan's super furry creatures

When first-time visitors arrive in Japan, a few things they may notice right off the bat include the juxtaposition of the high-tech and the ancient, the unfailing politeness of locals, and a curious fixation with cuteness — to wit, all the cute mascots that ...

| Feb 16, 2011

In Japan the language of rabu is English

Words pertaining to love, romance and sex inhabit a region of the Japanese language fraught with peril. In contrast to English and Spanish, where phrases such as “I love you” can roll lightly off the tongue, the Japanese equivalent — ai shite iru (愛している, ...

Nov 25, 2010

Mozart's growing influence on food

Although the claim that listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s complicated scores can boost your IQ has been debunked, its effect on bananas has yet to be disputed. So in July, the Hyogo Prefecture-based fruit company Toyoka Chuo Seika shipped out its first batch of ...

All for the love of Tajima cows

Aug 26, 2010

All for the love of Tajima cows

When you hear the term, “Kobe beef,” a few things are likely to come to mind: the velvety, fatty richness of the meat, the extraordinarily high price of a steak and the lavish lifestyle of the cattle. The pampering these cows receive is renowned ...