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Inside Hitachi's growth machine: tubes, patents and petri dishes

Jul 29, 2016

Inside Hitachi's growth machine: tubes, patents and petri dishes

With its network of tubes and petri dishes, Hitachi Ltd.’s latest gizmo may look more like a mini laboratory inside a refrigerator than the growth engine the technology company envisages. Its cabinet-sized stem cell incubator, unveiled in a research center last month, promises to ...

Jul 13, 2016

Kawasaki Heavy looking to buy U.S. train maintenance firm

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., the maker of New York City subway trains, is seeking to buy a train maintenance company in the U.S. to help increase its services lineup and boost profit margins. “The costs for maintenance are largely fixed,” Yoshinori Kanehana, president of ...

Tokyo's rooftop helipads remain unused

May 20, 2016

Tokyo's rooftop helipads remain unused

Tokyo’s Peninsula Hotel boasts a chauffeur-driven 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom, a celebrity podiatrist studio and an aviation lounge to whisk executives to and from its $1,000-a-night suites by helicopter. Since it opened in 2007, the rooftop helipad has never been used. The hotel is one ...

Apr 14, 2016

Japan Inc. faces biggest Abe-era profits drop on strong yen

For the past three years, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe could usually count on surging corporate earnings to back up the case that his policies were turning around Japan, but that is no more. Pretax profit at the biggest companies will drop about 10 percent ...