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Brahma Chellaney, a longstanding contributor to The Japan Times, is a geostrategist and the author of “Asian Juggernaut” (Harper, 2010) and “Water: Asia’s New Battlefield” (Georgetown University Press, 2011), which won the 2012 Bernard Schwartz Award. He is professor of strategic studies at the Center for Policy Research, New Delhi.

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/ Feb 20, 2013

China's greater water wall

The Chinese government's recent decision to build an array of new dams on rivers flowing to other nations is set to roil inter-riparian relations in Asia.

Dec 15, 2012

A turning point in East Asia

Political transitions in East Asia promise to mark a defining moment in the region’s jittery geopolitics. After the ascension in China of Xi Jinping, regarded by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) as its own man, Japan seems set to swing to the right in ...

Dec 13, 2012

The art of war, Chinese style

The recent 50th anniversary of China’s invasion of India attracted much discussion, especially within India. Yet the debate shied away from drawing the broader, long-term lessons for Asian security. The lessons are also relevant for China’s other neighbors because the 1962 war helped uncover ...

Nov 30, 2012

China's military crossroads

At a time when China’s economy and society are under considerable strain and the country is embroiled in increasingly tense border disputes with its neighbors, the relatively peaceful once-in-a-decade political transition in Beijing has helped deflect attention from the underlying turbulence in the Chinese ...

Sep 3, 2012

China thrives in soft corner with two-track U.S. strategy

The U.S. strategy long has been geared against the rise of any hegemonic power in Asia and for a stable balance of power. Yet, as its 2006 national security strategy report acknowledges, the United States also remains committed to accommodate “the emergence of a ...

Aug 10, 2012

Munificently treading water

Reciprocity is the first principle of diplomacy, and India has walked the extra mile to befriend neighbors, as underscored by its record on land and water disputes. Yet today, India lives in the world’s most-troubled neighborhood. India’s generosity on land issues has been well ...

Jul 11, 2012

India's American friends and Iranian partners

The United States recently took the Iran-sanctions monkey off India’s back: It granted India an exemption from Iran-related financial sanctions in exchange for significant cuts in Indian purchases of Iranian oil. Nevertheless, Iran continues to cast a pall over an otherwise brightening U.S.-India relationship. ...

Jul 5, 2012

Power shifts outstrip reforms

The international institutional structure has remained largely static since the mid-20th century rather than evolving with the changing power realities and challenges. Reforming and restructuring the international system poses the single biggest challenge to preserving global peace, stability and continued economic growth. A 21st-century ...

Jun 7, 2012

U.S.-India ties lose momentum

Was the U.S.-India strategic partnership oversold to the extent that it has failed to yield tangible benefits for the United States? Even as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just held detailed discussions in New Delhi, an increasing number of analysts in Washington have ...

Jun 4, 2012

The political storm in China

As senior leaders are purged and as retired provincial officials publicly call for Politburo members to be removed, it has become clear that China is at a crossroads. China’s future no longer looks to be determined by its hugely successful economy, which has turned ...