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May 4, 2003

Roh's middle way to reform

HONOLULU — South Korea’s new president, Roh Moo Hyun, hasn’t had much of a honeymoon. Since taking office two months ago, he has had to navigate a nuclear crisis with North Korea. To do that, he has had to work closely with the United ...

Apr 26, 2003

An opportunity for APEC

HONOLULU — The rapid spread of SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, is a compelling demonstration of the need for a truly global health network to fight future epidemics. The particulars of this outbreak also highlight the role that the Asia-Pacific region will have ...

Apr 13, 2003

Thailand seeks an advantage

HONOLULU — Southeast Asian politicians and business professionals continue to insist that China’s rise is “an opportunity, not a threat” to their future. That sounds a lot like whistling past the graveyard. The Chinese market is so big and has such a wealth of ...

Mar 31, 2003

U.S. coalition unnerves allies

SAN FRANCISCO — Although the United States didn’t go to the United Nations for explicit authorization of an attack against Iraq, the Bush administration never abandoned attempts to craft a multilateral coalition in support of those efforts. But this government’s view of “multilateralism” differs ...

Mar 17, 2003

Pyongyang is playing for the long term

HONOLULU — Throughout the unfolding “noncrisis” on the Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang has stayed a step ahead of the rest of the world and appears to be dictating the pace of events. Avoiding a real crisis requires figuring out what North Korea wants and then ...

Mar 9, 2003

Bush will need a quick victory over Iraq

HONOLULU — Last week U.S. President George W. Bush laid out his vision for the Middle East. For the most part, the text read like any other: It was a stump speech designed to drum up support for “regime change” in Iraq. But closer ...

/ | Mar 9, 2003

All eyes on Russia's Far East

RUSSIA’S FAR EAST: A Region at Risk, edited by Judith Thornton and Charles E. Ziegler. Seattle: National Bureau of Asian Research, University of Washington Press, 2002, 498 pp. (paper). The Russian Far East is a land of contradictions. It is a vast territory of ...

/ | Feb 23, 2003

Going for the least-worst option

CASE STUDIES IN JAPANESE NEGOTIATING BEHAVIOR, by Michael Blaker, Paul Giarra and Ezra Vogel. Washington D.C.: United States Institute of Peace Press, 2002, 170 pp., $12.50 (paper). Mercifully, we are long past the time when a book like this focused on a Japanese exceptionalism ...

Feb 22, 2003

Best policy Seoul can buy?

HONOLULU — The unmaking of a hero is never pretty, but the fall of South Korean President Kim Dae Jung has been especially ugly. The statesman leaves behind a shredded legacy and he, like many of his predecessors, is but one step ahead of ...

Feb 13, 2003

No shortage of reasons why South Koreans dislike the U.S.

WASHINGTON — Opinion polls from around the world show increasing numbers of people believe that the United States is arrogant, unilateralist and indifferent to key concerns of other nations — even friends and allies. There is a rising belief that the U.S. has become ...