Sep 27, 2013

LDP readies measures to cushion tax hike

The ruling coalition on Friday agreed on certain parts of a ¥5 trillion stimulus package being readied to ease the impact of the planned sales tax hike, including handouts of up to ¥15,000 for lower income households. The package will be unveiled Tuesday, when ...

JET alumni advocates for Japan

Sep 3, 2013

JET alumni advocates for Japan

Clifton Strickler never thought of coming to Japan until he met his boss at the University of Texas while engaged in an undergraduate work-study. His boss lived in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, teaching English with the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. For Strickler, the JET ...

Legislation bureau chief Abe's window to collective defense

| Sep 2, 2013

Legislation bureau chief Abe's window to collective defense

The appointment of Ichiro Komatsu as director general of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau is a step toward Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s goal of reinterpreting the Constitution so Japan can engage in collective self-defense. Komatsu, who was ambassador to France when he accepted the new ...

Aug 31, 2013

Most on Abe's expert panel approve plan to hike sales tax

The government’s expert panel on the planned consumption tax hike wrapped up discussions Saturday with more than 70 percent of its members supporting the plan as it now stands, saying Japan will suffer a much bigger economic blow if the tax isn’t raised. Prime ...