Diet reform paralyzed by hypocritical habits

| Nov 4, 2013

Diet reform paralyzed by hypocritical habits

Indecision is a much-criticized feature of Japanese politics. Diet sessions are rife with unproductive wrangling as the ruling and opposition camps dispute the timing of the submission of bills while avoiding constructive discussions on them. Making matters worse, because the Constitution stipulates that Cabinet ...

Oct 29, 2013

IMF offers guarded praise to 'Abenomics'

“Abenomics” has brought positive results, but challenges remain as to whether Prime Minister Shinzo Abe can implement structural reform to bring about sustainable growth, the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday in its first preliminary assessment of his economic policies. “The policy actions taken so ...

Talks on body to deal with security begin

Oct 25, 2013

Talks on body to deal with security begin

The Diet started deliberations Friday on a bill to establish a Japanese version of the U.S. National Security Council, an entity designed to enhance the government’s ability to deal with national security and manage crises. The council, slated to be launched in January if ...

Oct 10, 2013

Abe under pressure from his party to protect 'sacred five'

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is facing severe resistance from his ruling Liberal Democratic Party on plans to potentially scrap import tariffs on some of Japan’s “sacred five” agricultural products. Abe aims to harness Japan’s competitiveness to end its economic malaise through the Trans-Pacific Partnership ...