Andrew Sheng

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Aug 26, 2014

Brace for the coming CLASS war

The balkanization of global banking by the U.S.' requiring all foreign banks in the country to become subsidiary companies and international banks with U.S.-dollar clearing accounts to comply to some degree with U.S. foreign policy by refraining from trading with U.S. enemies defines a ...

Jul 8, 2014

Thomas Piketty with Chinese characteristics

As property prices have risen faster than wages and profits in manufacturing, China's top 1 percent income earners are accumulating wealth significantly faster than their counterparts in the rest of the world — and far faster than the average Chinese.

Jun 2, 2014

Harnessing the competitive streak in China

The competition-fueled growth that propelled China's emergence as the world's second-largest economy is no longer enough. The need now is to rebalance competition to address the negative externalities of state and market activities.

Apr 28, 2014

Governing China's 'dream'

This year's China Development Forum in Beijing revealed the clearest vision yet of how China's leaders intend to deliver the "Chinese Dream" of improving people's livelihoods, constructing a better society and strengthening the military.

Dec 29, 2013

Surprising elements of a Chinese city's success

Few people outside of China know Foshan, a city of 7 million located at the heart of the Pearl River Delta in southern China. Four surprising things have led to its ranking by the McKinsey Global Institute as the world's 13th most dynamic city.

Jul 18, 2012

East Asian miracle revisited

Almost two decades ago, the World Bank published its landmark study “The East Asian Miracle,” analyzing why East Asian economies grew faster than emerging markets in Latin America, Africa and elsewhere. These economies, the study concluded, achieved high growth rates by getting the basics ...