Anders Aslund

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/ Dec 14, 2015

Putin's newfound prudence

Russia's economic stagnation confronts President Vladimir Putin with a challenge he has never faced: leading the country at a time when there is no light visible at the end of the tunnel.

/ Sep 1, 2012

Putin's bad neighbor policy reaps poor harvest

Russia has shown itself to be an international spoiler with its ardent support for Syrian President Bashar Assad. The contrast with its benign policy toward Libya in 2011 reflects how Russian foreign policy changed with the return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin. On ...

/ Feb 16, 2012

Snow Revolution's orange shadow

Vladimir Putin’s regime is warning Russians that their budding “Snow Revolution” will be as big a mistake as Ukraine’s Orange Revolution of 2004. But, while the similarities between these two popular movements are palpable, their differences are essential, so comparing them might help the ...

/ Aug 9, 2011

'Financial repression' and other remedies

Early in the financial crisis, a major emerging-market investor told me: “This is not a global, but a semi-global financial crisis.” He was right: it really was a crisis of the United States, Europe and Japan. Among emerging markets, only Eastern Europe was badly ...

/ Jul 5, 2009

Putin's 'siloviki' move to resume command

STOCKHOLM — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently announced that Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have abandoned their separate talks to join the World Trade Organization. Instead, they would seek to enter the world trade body as a single customs union. In effect, this means ...

/ Sep 23, 2008

Russia entering third act of financial tragedy

WASHINGTON — The whole world is being hit by a tremendous financial crisis, but Russia is facing a perfect storm. The Russian stock market is in free fall, plummeting by 60 percent since May 19, for a loss of $900 billion. And the plunge ...