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| Mar 16, 2013

The Sandman and other gift-bearing creatures

Easter is upon us, and you know what that means: chocolate rabbits! Each year on Easter Sunday, a magical rabbit (actually a hare) comes out of the forest and brings baskets full of eggs, candies, toys and chocolate rabbits. The Easter Bunny, as he ...

| Mar 2, 2013

What ever 'appened to the Tamagotchi?

Tamagotchi, the electronic pets that were first released by Bandai in Japan in 1996, have returned. But this time in the form of an app in which you can feed, discipline and even play “rock, paper, scissors” with your not-really-there pet. The bonus is ...

| Feb 23, 2013

What's next for Toto? More toilet humor

What is the next logical toilet model for Toto? After one has invented a toilet that welcomes you by lifting it’s lid automatically when you walk into the bathroom, cuddles you with a heated toilet seat, washes and dries your bum after you’ve done ...

| Feb 1, 2013

Some thoughts on the rudiments of rutabaga

I can’t wait to see NHK-G’s special program to air Feb. 23. They are finally going to address a topic I have harbored secret thoughts about since I came to Japan in 1994. NHK is going to broach the topic in a no-holds-barred documentary. ...

| Jan 19, 2013

So many small things Japan should be proud of

The new Tokyo Skytree has enjoyed immense popularity and is being credited for giving Japanese people hope for the future. Yes, having with the tallest tower (634 meters) and the second tallest structure in the world, we are all filled with a renewed sense ...

My (attainable) New Year's resolutions: Giving up<em> seiza</em>

| Jan 12, 2013

My (attainable) New Year's resolutions: Giving up seiza

Having problems keeping your New Year’s resolution? Not me. Because this year I chose resolutions that were easily fulfilled: No more seiza: Seiza is an excruciating form of Japanese style-sitting (on your haunches), invented especially to torture foreigners. I know this is true because ...