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| Aug 16, 2013

What being a minority allows us to see

Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before — many times. Someone called your child hafu (half) and you take offence. Or your contract is only one-year renewable, whereas your Japanese coworkers have "lifetime employment." Or maybe someone called you a gaijin as you walked ...

| Jul 19, 2013

The influence of sports on meditation

"Running meditation." It's almost a cliché. Many people describe their running activity as a form of meditation. There are even articles that will teach you "how to meditate while running." The Tendai-shu monks of Mount Hiei in Kyoto do a walking meditation, called jogyozanmai in ...

| Jul 5, 2013

Japan's national obsession with the color pink

If the cherry blossom is Japan's unofficial national flower, then it should be no surprise that pink is Japan's de facto favorite color. Yet I still have a hard time with this national obsession with the color pink. Just as I was easing out of ...

Exploring Japan's ancient past through pilgrimage

| Jun 29, 2013

Exploring Japan's ancient past through pilgrimage

I've been running pilgrimages in Japan since 1997. So far, I've run the Shikoku 88-Temple Pilgrimage, the Mount Hiei Kaihogyo route in Kyoto (of the Tendai-shu monks), and tens of other smaller pilgrimages in Japan. If you are a runner in Japan, you should ...

| Jun 22, 2013

To be or not to be? — they simply can't decide

Japan is often criticized for the time it takes to make decisions. The government drags on making decisions from natural disasters to nuclear power and whether to allow gambling casinos. Ha! You should try to teach English to Japanese university students, where it can take ...