| Apr 15, 2004

When foreign children run afoul of the law

My kids generally don’t mind it when I write about them in this column, although on occasion my older son has accused me of exploiting him for professional gain. It happened again when he heard the topic for today’s column. “You’re writing about foreign ...

| Nov 20, 2003

Empty school buildings: reuse or recycle?

Not far from where I live, there’s an elementary school with just 36 students. It’s not a private school. It doesn’t have a special curriculum. It’s a regular public school designed to serve several hundred students. But the neighborhood has changed into a business ...

Guest teachers build barrier-free minds

| Jul 31, 2003

Guest teachers build barrier-free minds

My 8-year-old wanted to use my computer. “I need to search the Internet for a picture of a kurumaisu,” he said, in his usual blend of English and Japanese. Never mind that both his parents are American; he’s lived in Japan since he was ...