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| Jul 7, 2014

Otoko-rashī hito-ga taipu-na-no-ne.

amachi: Recently, gentle [lit. herbivorous] guys are popular. But your type is a manly guy, right?

Today we will introduce some expressions that describe the behaviors, physical features or attributes that characterize a person and X(noun)らしいY(noun) is one of these expressions, as in Ms. Tamachi's ...

| Jun 22, 2014


Today, we will introduce some usages of なるほど and たしかに, which are used as あいづち.

| May 11, 2014

Kinō, Aria-to-iu resutoran-ni itta-n-da.

Today, we will introduce the proper use of XというY and XとかいうY. X(noun)という Y (noun) means that Y is known as X, and is used when the speaker thinks that the listener doesn't know about X or when both the speaker and the listener don't ...