Arrest made over bodies found in river


A son of a 45-year-old woman who has confessed to fatally shooting four people was arrested Saturday on suspicion of abandoning the body of one of the victims.

Takahiro Kitamura, 20, the second son of Mami Kitamura, 45, has denied the allegation, investigative sources said.

Police said they suspect Takahiro threw the body of Joji Takami, 15, into a river in Omuta, Fukuoka Prefecture, on Sept. 18.

Mami Kitamura, who was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of abandoning Takami’s body, has confessed to killing Takami, his mother and brother as well as the brother’s friend, according to the sources.

The bodies of the four were found in the river earlier this week.

Meanwhile, autopsies show that all the bodies except that of the 15-year-old were probably shot to death, according to police sources.

The three other corpses have been identified as Sayoko Takami, 58, her 18-year-old son Tatsuyuki, and his friend, Junichi Hara, 17. Their bodies were found in a minivehicle submerged in the Suwa River in Omuta.

Kitamura’s 60-year-old gangster husband, Jitsuo, may have had a hand in the incident, police sources said.

He tied to commit suicide Wednesday at a police station while being questioned.