Ease up on Crown Princess, Imperial official tells media

The grand master of the Crown Prince’s Household on Friday asked media organizations covering the Imperial Household Agency to refrain from reporting on the private trips of Crown Princess Masako.

The written request from Hideki Hayashida was made to 15 member organizations of the agency’s press club.

The request asks that they refrain from reporting or taking photographs of the Crown Princess during any future private trips or outings that are designed to allow her to rest.

The press club said it has agreed that each organization should make its own decision on whether to comply with the request.

In the request, Hayashida said that “securing as stress-free and as quiet an environment as possible was absolutely necessary for (the Crown Princess’) health to recover.”

The Crown Princess has not taken part in any official duties since December due to health reasons, which have included a bout of shingles.

Last month, her husband, Crown Prince Naruhito, told a news conference that she was “exhausted” from trying to adapt to life in the Imperial family and that there had been moves to negate her former career as a diplomat as well as her personality.