More women pass civil service exam

A record 304 women passed the top ranking level-1 civil service exam this fiscal year, up by 40 from a year earlier for the sixth straight year of rise, the National Personnel Authority said Monday.

The authority said the women accounted for 17.3 percent of the 1,756 examinees who passed the level-1 exam.

Passing the exam generally leads to appointments in senior posts in the bureaucracy.

The total number of people who passed was six more than last year.

Three-quarters of all successful candidates, or 1,322, were from national universities this fiscal year. The University of Tokyo, the traditional springboard for bureaucrats, ranked at the top with 498, followed by Kyoto University with 221, the personnel authority said.

Among private universities, Waseda University topped the list with 125, followed by Keio University with 85.