Fuso trucks subject to recall involved in two fire incidents

Two heavy-duty trucks subject to recalls by scandal-tainted Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corp. caught fire this week, police said Friday.

A fire broke out early Friday while one of the trucks was traveling along a road in Iyo, Ehime Prefecture. The got out of the vehicle just after the fire started, and no one was injured.

The Great truck is subject to a recall issued in late March and another in mid-April in connection with defective wheel hubs.

A Mitsubishi Fuso team checked the partially burned vehicle and said the fire was probably caused by a cracked brake drum of the left front wheel, according to investigators.

The truck had undergone a regular checkup in late May, and the brake drum problem possibly went unnoticed at that time.

Another Mitsubishi Fuso truck caught fire in a parking area along an expressway in Iida, Nagano Prefecture, on Tuesday night. The vehicle is subject to one of the 40 recall notices now being planned by the company.

A rear hub bearing problem is the reason for the planned recall of the truck, though this has not been identified as a direct cause of the fire, the company said.

The same bearing problem was blamed for 13 fire incidents between 1990 and 1997.