Work kicks off to build Chubu guide-dog facility


The Chubu Guide Dogs Association began building a dog-training facility Tuesday on city-owned land in Minato Ward here.

The Nagoya-based nonprofit organization plans to train between 80 and 100 guide dogs at a time — more than double the number it trains at its existing facility — when the training center is completed in July.

The four-story center, with floor space of 3,900 sq. meters, will feature facilities for visually impaired people to learn how to cook and walk on their own. There will be nine private rooms where people can stay while receiving training with guide dogs.

Hikaru Kawanishi, director of the association, said the number of people wanting to use guide dogs will increase since a new law went into effect Oct. 1 forbidding public facilities and public transport systems from refusing to admit guide dogs.

There are now 10 guide dog-training facilities in Japan and about 900 guide dogs.