Price survey to include Net site goods

The government said Tuesday it will begin including prices of electronics products on sale over the Internet in its price survey.

The addition is designed to analyze how retail prices affect the prices of goods sold online, the Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Ministry said.

The six products are: personal computers, digital cameras, minidisc players, video cameras, PC printers and DVD players.

The National Survey of Prices, which is conducted once every five years and began in 1967, is designed to look into prices charged by some 170,000 firms, including retailers, restaurants and service-oriented businesses, in 636 municipalities.

The latest survey, the ninth of its kind, will be conducted Nov. 21.

Comparing prices of goods sold through mail-order services and those sold at stores has been difficult as mail-order services mainly offer original products at discount prices.

The ministry decided to include goods sold on Web sites because mass retailers now sell the same products on the Internet, making comparisons possible, ministry officials said.

The results of the latest survey will be announced sometime after June, the ministry said.