Hawks owner to resign as director at four Daiei units


The owner of the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks said Thursday he will step down as director at four subsidiaries of the ailing retailer Daiei Inc. by the end of October but will remain the owner of the professional baseball club.

The businesses include Fukuoka Daiei Real Estate, a company mainly managing the land and buildings of the baseball stadium, and Fukuoka Dome, which operates the stadium.

“I decided to step down because it would help expedite the reorganization of Daiei’s businesses in Fukuoka,” said Tadashi Nakauchi, son of Isao Nakauchi, the founder and former chairman of Daiei.

But Nakauchi was adamant he would not surrender ownership of the baseball team.

“The ownership has no expiry date,” he said. “I would like to stay on as long as I can.”

Since the beginning of this year, Daiei had been demanding that Nakauchi step down as owner of the Hawks and return his 40 percent share in the team to Daiei.

Isao Nakauchi transferred his 40 percent stake in the Daiei Hawks to Tadashi, a move seen as an attempt to retain power by keeping the Daiei Hawks shares in the family.

Daiei was reported to have wanted founder Isao Nakauchi to take responsibility for leading Daiei into a business slump.