Five killed in collision with truck


Five men were killed early Wednesday when their car was involved in a head-on collision with a tractor trailer on a boulevard in Matto, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Minutes earlier, a woman was killed in a separate traffic accident on the same road. Police said the incidents were unrelated but that it was drizzling at the time.

The driver of the truck was unhurt. Investigators said the car carrying the five men apparently crossed the median strip before hitting the truck.

Killed in the 2:15 a.m. accident were Tetsuaki Kinoshita, Jumpei Imori, Yoshihiro Ontachi, Kyohei Kawarada and Tomoyuki Kawakami, all aged 22 and residents of the nearby city of Komatsu.

Investigators said that because there are no skid marks on the road, the driver of the car may have been drunk. It is unclear who the driver was, they added.

The trucker said a spinning car crashed into his vehicle and that he had no time to avoid it.

About five minutes earlier, another fatal collision had occurred roughly 4 km away on the same road.

Ai Hamaya, 19, also of Komatsu, was killed when a car carrying her and three other women collided with another car.

The other three suffered injuries of varying severity, they said, while the driver of the other vehicle was also injured.